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ד"ר תמר רוס

תחומי עניין

Areas of Specialization

1. Jewish Ethics and Theology

2. Contemporary Issues in Traditional Jewish Thought

3. The Thought of Rabbi A.I. Kook

4. The Modern Musar Movement and the Ideology of Mitnaggedism

5. Judaism and Gender

6. Philosophy of Halakhah

קורות חיים

Academic Training

Hebrew University, Jerusalem

B.A: 1960. (with distinction) ‑ Hebrew Literature and Jewish History

M.A: 1978. (with distinction) ‑ Hebrew Literature

Title of dissertation: The Holy and the Profane in the Thought of Rabbi A.I. Kook.  Supervisor: Prof. I. Tishby

PhD: 1987. ‑ Jewish Thought

Title of dissertation: Moral Philosophy in the Writings of Rabbi Salanter's Disciples in the Musar Movement.  Supervisor: Prof. J. Dan


Academic Positions

Israeli Institute of Democracy – 7 lecture series on Judaism and the Challenges of Modernity, February to June, 2016

Shalem College – 2 week English immersion series of lectures on postmodern Jewish theology, August 2015

Visiting Associate of Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the Oriental Institute of Oxford University, and senior fellow at the Oxford Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, spring semester 2013, summer 2014, 2015

Yale University, Blaustein visiting scholar in residence: 2004-2005

Bar Ilan University - 1990- retirement in 2006 as full professor in dept. of Jewish philosophy

Research Fellow - Shalom Hartman Institute – 1994-1995, 1997-2002

Bernard Revel Graduate School of Yeshiva University – Summer 1999/ 2000

Memphis State University – 1996-1997

Touro College, Jerusalem – 1989-1996

Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg – 1988

Ben Gurion University – 1979-1985

Hebrew University – 1969-1970


Non-Academic Positions

Midreshet Lindenbaum, Jerusalem – 1976-present

Regent’s Polytechnic School of Languages, London – 1967

W.U.J.S. Center, Arad – 1968

Amitei Yerushalayim Mandel Program, Jerusalem – 1999 -2000

Drisha Institute Summer School, New York – 1993-2000, 2004

Matan – lecture series 2002

Yeshivat Hovevei Torah – faculty member 2005

Jewish Community Center of Manhattan –lecture series 2005

Bet Midrash Hevruta, Hebrew University – various lecture series in 2006, 2007, 2011

Paideia, Stockholm school for Jewish Leadership – 2009

Mercaz Shazar – occasional lectures 2007-2009


Awards and Fellowships

Hebrew University awards for academic excellence: 1958-1959;

Hebrew University Institute for Jewish Studies award for academic excellence: 1979-1982

Dayan Stipend of Academic Women’s Union: 1980

Doctoral Grant of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture: 1980-1982

Post-doctoral fellowship – Harvard Divinity School – 1987-8

Ariel Rosen-Zvi Foundation award of the dept. of law at Tel Aviv University - 2000

Finalist in National Book Award of the Jewish Book Council of America- 20005

Personal grant from Dafna Yizraeli for translating book into Hebrew – 2005-2007

Selected by the Israeli government as torch-bearer in Independence Day ceremony – 2013 for her contribution in transmitting the national tradition

Selected by the Jerusalem municipality for the Treasured Jerusalemite award – 2015 for her contribution to the city of Jerusalem's cultural life



Research Grants:

Jewish Memorial Foundation – 1989

Senior Research Award of the Hadassah International Research Institute on Jewish Women

at Brandeis University – 2000

Dafna Yizraeli Women and Gender Studies Research Grant – 2004

Research Award of the Fanya Gottesfeld Heller Center for the Study of Women in Judaism – 2006


  • Other Professional Activities
  • Member of Editorial Board of Shalom Hartman Institute Publications
  • Member of Editorial Board of Edah Internet Journal
  • Advisory Board Member of Midreshet Bat-Ayin Torah Institute for Women
  • Advisory Board Member of Women’s Midrashet Be'er in Yeruham
  • Advisory Board Member of Seminar Lifshitz Quarterly on Philosophy of Jewish Education
  • Participated in planning committee for developing new dept. of Gender Studies at Bar Ilan University
  • Member of planning committee (Vaadat Torat Hayim) of the ministry of education for examining and suggesting improvements in the educational program of religious education – 2004-2005
  • Member of the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute's Academic Advisory Committee
  • Member of Editorial Board of Van Leer book series on the philosophy of halakha – 2009
  • Professional Advisor of Young Researchers Workshop at Van Leer Institute on the topic of Halakha: Theory and Practice – 2009
  • Professional Advisor of Young Researchers Conference at Van Leer Institute on the topic of Jewish Literacy – 2009
  • Professional Advisor of Young Researchers Conference at Van Leer Institute on the topic of Jewish theology – 2010
  • Member of the administrative committee of the center for thought in Jewish education of Michlelet Lifshitz – 2009-2010
  • Member of Jofa board – 2010-2015
  • Member of Emor editorial board - 2011
  • Member of Van Leer group formulating feminist contribution to the peace process, following upon UN resolution 1325 re women's role in conflict resolution – 2011
  • Member of Van Leer research group on potential educational applications of the Musar movement – 2011
  • Peer-reviewer of articles and books for Routledge Press,  Magnes, Daat, Modern Judaism, and many other journals and publishing houses
  • Member of advisory committee of Harel Yeshiva – 2011-2016J
  • Member of committee for judging best book in Jewish thought for Matanel prize in 2014

Courses Taught (a selection)

 1. Survey course in Jewish Mysticism

2. Rationalism and Non-rationalism in Medieval Jewish Philosophy: Maimonides and Judah Halevi

3. The Ideology of the Lithuanian Yeshivot

4. The Musar Movement of Rabbi Israel Salanter

5. Survey course in Medieval Jewish Philosophy

6. The writings of Rabbi A.I. Kook (a 3 year series)

7. The concept of Miracle in Jewish Thought

8. Jewish Theology and Ethics in Modern Times

9. Divine Revelation - what does it mean?

10. The Cognitive Value of Religious Truth Statements

11. Maimonides and the Challenge of Rationalism

12. Judaism and the Challenge of Feminism



Articles of Scholarly Interest:

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Accepted for publication


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Work in Progress:


73.  "Revelation and Interpretation – Orthodox Jewish Responses to Legal and Theological Challenges of Feminism"


74. A book tentatively entitled: Reason and Inclination ‑ The Contribution of the Musar Movement to a Philosophy of Moral Education.



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Revised: March 2016


Papers Read at Conferences:

1980: Yearly National Meeting of Departments of Jewish Thought, Haifa University on concepts of God ‑  “Rabbi A.I. Kook’s Concept of God”

1983: Yearly National Meeting of Departments of Jewish Thought, Ben Gurion University, Beersheba on free will and determinism ‑  “Rabbi Dessler’s Notion of Free Will”

1985: Yearly National Meeting of Departments of Jewish Thought, Haifa University on Torah and science ‑  “Torah and Science in the Thought of Rabbi A.I. Kook”

1988: 11th Annual Conference of the South African Association for Jewish Studies, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa – “The Role of Intellect in Moral Education in the Discourses of Rabbi Simha Zissel of Kelm”, 11th annual Conference of the South African Association for Jewish Studies, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa

1989: Tenth World Jewish Congress, Jerusalem – “Weakness of the Will and Concept of the Soul in the Musar Movement”

1990: Second Traditional Alternatives Conference on Women and the Jewish Future, Jews' College, London – “The Status of Women in Halakha”

1990: Joint Seminar of Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies and CLAL (The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership), Jerusalem on the problem of evil “Can Faith Confront the Persistence of Evil and Suffering in God's World”

1991: Yearly National Meeting of Departments of Jewish Thought, Ben Gurion University, Beersheba on the role of myth in Jewish thought ‑  “Myth, Structure and Reality in the Thought of Harav Kook”

1992: Conference of Mercaz Yaacov Herzog, Kibbutz Ein Tzurim in honor of the publication of Avi Sagi’s book: Lo Bashamayim Hi - “The Divinity of the Written Torah”

1993: Conference in honor of Prof.Y.Leibowitz's 90th Birthday, Jerusalem – “The Status of Woman in Judaism – Several Reflections Regarding Leibowitz's Conception of the Mechanism by which Halakha Adjusts to Reality"

1993: Conference of Women Educators, Azriel School of Education, Yeshiva University – “The Religious Education of Jewish Women”

1994: Yearly National Meeting of Departments of Jewish Thought, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan – “Harav Kook and Immortality”

1995: Conference of the Bornblum Chair of Judaic Studies, University of Memphis, Tennessee on Popular Religion and High Culture – "The Elite and the Masses in the Prism of Metaphysics and History: Harav Kook on the Nature of Religious Belief" 1996: Yearly Conference of Jewish Educators at Machon Herzog, Gush Etzion – “Is There Religious Justification for Pluralism in Judaism?” 

1996: Joint Conference of Bar Ilan’s Depts. of Law and Philosophy on Law, Civil Rule and Values  – “Rabbi Kook’s Concept of Toleration”

           Limmud Conference - Worcester College - The Role of Doubt in Religious Belief

           Lishmah Conference, London – Maimonides’ Use of Allegory

1997: First International Feminism and Orthodoxy Conference, New York.- “The Impact of Feminism on Orthodox Jewish Theology”

          Ninth Orthodox Forum of Yeshiva University, N.Y. on Tolerance, Dissent and Democracy - Jewish Philosophical, Historical and Halakhic Perspectives.  Chairperson and introductory remarks at session on Retrospect and Prospect - Reflections and Applications on the Conference Theme.

           22nd Annual Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education, Stanford University, Palo  Alto, California – “The Role of Doubt in Religious Belief”, “Halakha and Spirituality”, “How to Study Torah: The Musar Movement's Debate with Academia”, “The Impact of Feminism on Orthodox Jewish Theology”, “Maimonides' Use of Allegory as a Tool for Resolving Conflicts of Belief”.

1998: Bar Ilan Conference on Religion, State and Democracy (part of inter-university series on 50 Years of Jewish Statehood) - Institute for Research of Religious Zionism – “ The Problematics of the Status of Women in a Democratic Jewish State”

            Bar Ilan - Dept. of Philosophy - Conference on The Philosophical-Kabbalistic Thought of the Gaon of Vilna.  Chairperson of Session on the Kabbala of the Gaon as opposed to Hassidism

            Second International Feminism and Orthodoxy Conference, New York -.  “Language and Gender in Problematic Religious Texts”

            Tenth Orthodox Forum of Yeshiva University, N.Y. on The Adjustment of Halakha to Changing Societal Reality – “The Modern Period - The Status of Women: A Case Study”

            Kenes Hakhel - Ramat Efal.,  panel discussion sponsored by Mercaz Ayala of Bar Ilan.  – “Changing Status of Women in Religious Life”

1999: Edah: Orthodoxy Encounters a Changing World - New York, February 14-15 -   “Frontiers of Feminism in Orthodoxy: Halakha and Women's Roles in the Modern Period”.

            Laud University, Duisberg: Women and Religious Discourse - Duisberg, Germany, April 7-10. – “Can We Still Pray to God the Father?”

            International Workshop on Science and Secularization, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, May 31-June 3 -  “Science and Secularization in the Service of Faith: Rabbi A.I. Kook's Theory of Truth”.

2000: Feb. 20-21, Third International Feminism and Orthodoxy Conference, New York.- “Meta-Halakha, Feminism and Change”

            Feb. 29, Symposium sponsored by the dept. of Gender Studies at Bar Ilan University on The Challenge of Feminism in the State of Israel  - “The Challenge of Feminism to the Halakhic Conception”

            March 21, The Jerusalem Interfaith Conference in honor of the visit of Pope John Paul II, sponsored by the Elijah School for the Study of Wisdom in World Religions and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Topic: Religions and Repentance - Growth in Religious Traditions Facing A New Era (response to Prof. Van Beeck of Loyola University)

            Apri13, The Inter-University Conference of the Depts. for Jewish Thought on History, Myth and Utopia in Jewish Thought – “Feminist Aspects of Rabbi A.I. Kook's Utopian Vision”

            June 22, Public Lecture at Conference of the Shalom Hartman Institute on  Jewish Tradition and the Feminism  - “The Feminist Challenge to the Halakhic Tradition and Modes of Response”

             June 26th  Kolekh Conference, Jerusalem.  Topic: Women, Meta-halakha and Change

2001: Feb. 18-19, Second Edah International Conference – New York.  Topic: Building the Palace of Torah – Meeting New Challenges

            August 9th, Methodologies in Research of Orthodoxy, Machon for Advanced Studies of Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Chaired session on Boundaries and Definitions of Orthodoxy

            August 12th, World Jewish Congress, Jerusalem.  Chaired session on R. Kook’s thought

            October 7th, Edah Conference, Jerusalem.  Topic: The Use of Allegory and its Limitations in Resolving Conflicts between Religion and Science

2002 – Kenes Lavi, Sukkot,  Jerusalem – “The Human Element in Revelation”

 Jan. 23rd – 8th annual conference of Michlelet Lifshitz – Styles in Contemporary Religious Worship: Between Love and Fear of God – responded to Rabbi Shefer on Halalkhic attitudes to Reliance upon the Tzaddik in Prayer

2003 – March 25th - chaired session on new trends in research of R. Kook's thought - at annual national conference of depts. of Jewish thought at Ben Gurion University on new trends in the study of Jewish thought

2004 – January 7th – chaired session on Lithuanian Yeshivot - at international conference on Yeshivot and Batei Midrashot sponsored by Mercaz Zalman Shazar in Jerusalem;

 - delivered lecture on the phenomenon of women's Batei Midrash

February 15th – opening plenary address at 5th international JOFA conference in New York: "Zachar u-nekeva bara otam: Judaism as a Gendered Experience."           

April 3rd – presentation at conference: "Religious Zionism in an Age of Change", sponsored by Hamoetza hatzioyonit beyisrael and ha-moetza haolamit lehinukh torani: changes in the status of the religious Zionist woman in the family, society and the state

May 13th = presentation at forum on Orthodoxy in Jerusalem Van Leer Institute: "The cutting edges of modern Orthodoxy – post-modernism and feminism"

June 8th – presentation: "The Contribution of the Women's Learning Revolution to Ways and Means of Studying Torah" at international conference on Study and Knowledge in Jewish Thought at Ben Gurion University

2005 – March 3-6th – presentation: “Can Traditional Judaism Sustain the Feminist Critique?” at Conference on Religion, Gender and Theory of the Kristiina Institute at the University of Helsinki

March 13-14th – panelist in joint JOFA and Hadassah-Brandeis Institute conference in Waltham, Mass

April 11-12 – Rabbinic conference of the Meorot/Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Alumni Association, Englewood, New Jersey – presentation: “Thoughts on the Future Role of Women in Jewish Life”

May 15th – Regional Edah Conference in San Francisco: Bringing Holiness into our Lives – Plenary session presentation: Can Traditional Jewish Theology Sustain the Feminist Critique?

June 21-23 – co-moderator of Inaugural Conference of the Elijah Interfaith Institute and The University of Scranton: “Towards a Contemporary Jewish Theology of World Religions”

2006 – May 21st -22nd – International Conference on Gender, Religion and Society at Bar Ilan University, plenary session response to Judith Plaskow: "Gender Theories and Gendered Realities – the Challenge for Jewish Feminism".

December 12th – moderator of panel in Van Leer conference on Ideology and Halakha

December 22nd – chair of session in Bet Morasha conference on Spirituality in the World of the Sages

2007 – May – lecture in Bet Morasha book launch of Jubilee volume honoring Prof. Shalom Rosenber

December – AJS conference, Toronto: "Religious Belief in a Postmodern Age"

2008 – April 3-4– panel participant in conference on gender and religion of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study of Harvard University

April 6-7: Center for Jewish Studies of York University in Toronto: Wolinsky public lecture on trends in women's study and knowledge of Torah; colloquium for gender and Jewish studies on "Can Judaism Sustain the Feminist Assault on Gender".

June 22-24th – presented 4 papers at the Limmud conference in Melbourne, Australia; June 29th and another paper at the mini-Limmud in Sydney

November 29th-31st – Torah in Motion: Faith interview, panel on Judaism and feminism, Toronto, Canada

December 26th – January 2nd , 2009– Limmud, Warwick England, 2 lectures

2009 – February 26th – March 2nd – Paideia Institute, Stockholm, Sweden – 5 day course on feminism and Judaism

            August 5th - chaired session on halakha and modern Orthodoxy at the World Jewish Congress

            August 9th – chaired session on the thought of the Maharal at the Van Leer conference      celebrating the 400th anniversary of his death  

           December 18th – participated and presented lecture on the Maharal at seminar Abot u-Meyasdim of Mercaz Zalman Shazar

           December 30th – chaired session in conference on Conservative Judaism at the Van Leer Institute

           December 17th – presented paper on "The Concept and Status of God in an age of diminishing metaphysics", at Bet Morasha conference: Bakashat Hashem – bayamim ha-hem bazman ha-zeh (Seeking God – then and now).

2010 – March 13th-14th – participated and presented paper on "What do we mean when we speak about God?", at JOFA conference in New York

            March 24th-25th – participated and presented paper on "The Feminist Contribution to Halakhic Discourse: Kol be-Isha Erva as a test case", for closing session of European Ramses conference on women in Islam and Judaism: Negotiations around gender and religion, in Aix-en-Provence (France)

            November 1st – presented paper on the future of the settlements at Van Leer round table commemorating 10th anniversary of the UN Security council resolution 1235 regarding women's participation in peace deliberation

            Dec. 28th – respondent in Fourth international conference on the philosophy of Halakhah: Halakhah as an event- sponsored by Van Leer and Hebrew University dept. of Jewish thought - session on Gender and Social and Political events, Mishkenot Shaananim, Jerusalem

2011 – Dec. 18th=20th – presented paper, “Halakha Contextualized: Homosexuality as a Test Case”, AJS conference, Washington D.C.

             Dec. 29th – chaired session on “Women’s literacy” in Van Leer conference on Jewish learning

2012 – Jan. 21st – chaired session in Yom Iyyun on Orthodoxy at Van Leer, celebrating Festschrift honoring Prof. Yosef Salmon

Jan. 24th – presentation in honor of publication of Yitz Greenberg’s book on the Jewish year at Bet Knesset Ramban

May 16th – chaired session at International Conference on the Role of Religion in Human Rights Discourse, sponsored by the Israel Democracy Institute

June 22nd – presented paper at Hebrew University conference for young scholars students on “My path as a Jewish Philosophy scholar”

Sept. 3-5 – presented paper on halakhic development at Tikva center at NYU dept. of Law

2013 - Jan. 3-5 – presented paper at conference of Indian Society for the Study of Philosophy and Religion in Calcutta on the meeting between East and West, on epistemology of modern kabbala

         Jan. 23-26 – presented paper at Oxford center for Jewish Studies on Orthodoxy and the legacy of Rabbi Dr. Louis Jacobs

            May 26th – chaired session on theological approaches to Torah from Heaven at Oxford center for Jewish Studies

            June 6th – presented paper “The Challenge of Biblical Criticism to Orthodox Theology” at the Oxford center for Jewish Studies on Orthodoxy

              August 8th – chaired session on interfaith dialogue at the World Jewish Congress, Jerusalem

2014 –   June 2nd - presented paper at book launch for Gender, Religion and Education in a Chaotic Postmodern World, sponsored by Bar Ilan University, on the topic: "Religious Women Scholars Confronting a Postmodern World"

               June 19th-July 1st – participated in advanced seminar of Oxford center for Jewish Studies on Orthodoxy and the theology of Rabbi Yitzhak Greenberg, presented paper on "The Meaning and Significance of Revelation", and in panel on the impact of feminism on Modern Orthodoxy

               December 25th – chairing session in Van Leer conference on the legacy of Abraham Joshua Heschel

2015 -  January 6th – participation in a panel on "Educating to Jewish Commitment and Continuity in the 21st century" commemorating Prof. Michael Rosenak, dept. of education at Hebrew University

             June 29th- July 7th – participated in advanced seminar of Oxford center for Jewish Studies on State, Sovereignty and Spirit and presented paper: "Religious Feminism and a Theology of Jewish Autonomy: An Unlikely Alliance", and a lecture on R. Kook's view of the Relationship between Zion and Jerusalem,

September 7th – keynote lecture at the Israeli institute of democracy at haredi feminist conference

           October 28th – chaired session in Van Leer conference on The Kotel and its Cultural Significance

2016 – March – June, delivered a series of lectures on the challenges of Modernity to Judaism at the Israeli Institute for Democracy

            March 26th – panel on relevance of R. Kook's thought for Contemporaries, book launch for series of "Commentaries to R. Kook's Writings" by Hagay Londin

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