Bachelor's Degree

Obligatory Courses for B.A. (30 hours as major subject)               Course

Medieval Jewish Philosophy (obligatory during the first year)                    101

Introduction to Kabbalah                                                                             109

Ancient Jewish philosophy (obligatory during the first year)                       113

Introduction to Jewish thoughts                                                                  115

Introduction to Kabbalah- from "sefer habair" to kabbala of haAri              116

Readings in the Zohar                                                                             213

Philosophy of Islam (obligatory during the second year)                        227

Modern Philosophy                                                                                     202

Modern Jewish Philosophy                                                                         201

Advanced Methodology (computerized)                                                     200

2 Seminars

Reading course (3 weekly hours)

Optional course


The Department insists on participation in the courses according to the order of years indicated in the table.

Every student in the third (or more) year, in addition to active participation in the two seminars (incl. writing seminar papers) is allowed to choose a seminar as an optional course. Grades will be given after either an exam or a presentation, in coordination with the lecturer.