Welcome to the Department of Jewish Philosophy!


The Department of Jewish Philosophy at Bar Ilan is devoted to the research and teaching of all fields of Jewish thought from the classical period until the writing of Jewish philosophy in modern times, including the study of Kabbalah and Chassidism. 

Courses taught in the program offer an in-depth exploration of the works and teachings of Judaism’s greatest thinkers, as well as a review of their impact on Jewish and general philosophy. The curriculum covers a wide range of disciplines and areas, from medieval Spain to modern Germany.

The program will be taught by some of the world’s leading experts in the field of Jewish studies. Except for the Department’s current faculty, other prominent lecturers in the program will include Prof. Ephraim Meir, Prof. Tamar Ross, and Prof. Steven Shmuel Harvey. They are all highly experienced in thesis and doctoral instruction and are at your service for your graduate and postgraduate paths.