Why study Jewish Philosophy only at Bar-Ilan?

Why study Jewish Philosophy (Jewish Thought and Kabbalah) ?
Gaining knowledge of the great Jewish thinkers, past and present, expands our horizons, connects us to our cultural roots, and helps us better understand the intellectual significance of the subject as a whole. Most of the graduates of the Department of Jewish Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University proceed to take on prominent positions in international Jewish education, media, legal system and philosophical  research arenas. 

Why Study Jewish Philosophy at Bar-Ilan? 

Because it's important to know our background
If you are interested in fields such as Jewish tradition, Philosophy and Jewish mysticism, the Department of Jewish Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University invites you to participate in a comprehensive exploration of the world of Jewish Thought and Kabblah with all its aspects, through examining different approaches, discourses and methods from a broad cultural perspective.  

An integral part of our curriculum is a continuing exploration of key issues which relate to Jewish – Israeli identity, in light of the works of Judaism's greatest thinkers. Bar-Ilan's Jewish Philosophy Department offers study tracks for B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, with a variety of different specialties.

Because There are Key Figures in Judaism we Should All Know
The study of Jewish Philosophy introduces you to the greatest Jewish thinkers, like Maimonides, Rabbi Yehuda Halevi, Rabbi A. I. Kook , Chabad Lubavitch's Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Hermann Cohen, Martin Buber, Hannah Arendt, Emmanuel Levinas and more. Courses at the Department of Jewish Philosophy offer an in-depth exploration of the works and teachings of these important figures, as well as a review of their impact on Jewish and general philosophy. The curriculum covers a wide range of disciplines and periods, from the Middle Ages to modern and contemporary times.   

Because of our Outstanding Professors
Faculty members at the Department of Jewish Philosophy are some of the world's leading experts and philosophers, including some of the most renowned researchers of Jewish theories.  

Because it's also a Great Minor
Regardless of your chosen major, Jewish Philosophy is an excellent choice of a minor, enabling you to broaden your knowledge of an important and fascinating field, and study in a nurturing, cultivating and supportive environment. 

Because of our Versatile Advanced Degree Study Tracks
Our Department invests great efforts in guiding you through a career in academia and research. Our faculty members, all highly experienced in thesis and doctoral instruction are at your service for your choice of graduate and post graduate paths. We offer a cultivating learning environment, research seminars, departmental seminars, and think-tanks for doctoral students.

Because of our Unique Teachers' Program
For secular and religious students already certified as teachers, the Department of Jewish Philosophy offers a unique M.A. Program. This Program is designed to enrich your teaching experience and in turn to develop  innovative ways of incorporating Jewish Philosophy into the curriculum, within the field of education.    

Because of the Winning Blend of Secular and Religious Discourse
The Department of Jewish Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University is one of the only educational institutes in the country to join the religious and the secular, the orthodox and the religious Zionists, to study together in an environment of tolerance, mutual respect and acceptance.