The Library

The library of the department for Jewish Thought and the department for Philosophy holds some 25.000 volumes of book both on general and on Jewish philosophy. It also contains the private library of Dafna Nundi Izraeli (d. in 2003), a feminist sociologist and founder of the Gender Studies program at Bar Ilan.

The library offers over 300 Journals in print and in electronic form.

The library is located on the first floor of the Jacobovitz building (1002). Enjoy a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere of professional learning. The staff, led by Kinneret Hammer is always at your service and invites students and researchers to visit the library.

Email librarian Ms. Kinneret Hammer:

Opening hours during the semester: Sunday-Thursday from 9.30 – 16.45

Loan extension by Tel. 03-531-8851

The Bar Ilan Central Library website: