The mystery of reincarnation in Kabbalah and transpersonal psychology: the doctrines of the soul, of reincarnation, of karma and of healing the soul

Daphna Levin

The Mysteries of Reincarnation in Kabbalah and Transpersonal Psychology introduces to the reader the twin fields of research of Dr. Daphna Levin, and addresses such topics as the doctrine of the soul, the doctrine of reincarnation, of karma, and of soul-rectification and healing in both Kabbalah and the area of Transpersonal psychology that deals with past-life regression and research into an individual’s previous incarnations. The author examines these theories through the acute lenses of philosophy, religious-Jewish theology, esotericism, myth and history, on the one hand, and from the theoretical, scientific and transpersonal, regression therapy perspective, on the other.

Dr. Levin’s work is incomparably deep, original, creative and broad-minded. It is the first interdisciplinary work of its kind that examines, with depth and clarity, the relationship of the Kabbalistic theories of reincarnation with those of the branch of Transpersonal Psychology that investigates the various incarnations of the human soul. In my opinion, this ground-breaking work, written in a clear and lucid style, grants us a new understanding of the mystery of reincarnation in Kabbalistic texts, at the same time as it serves as an important signpost in man’s eternal search to know himself and understand the mystery of his own soul.

Dr. Avraham Elqayam

Director Shlomo Mousaieff Center for Research in Kabbalah

Bar-Ilan University.


Dr. Daphna Levin is a senior research fellow at the Shlomo Mousaieff Center for Research in Kabbalah, at Bar-Ilan University. She is involved in the research and practice of the contemporary, psychological discipline known as Transpersonal Reincarnation Therapy.