Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Isaac Hershkowitz

Jacobovitz Building (1002), floor 3, room 308

    Current Projects

    1. Re-Nomianism and Revival: The Halakhic Thought of Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Vogelmann.
    2. Revising Esh Kodesh: Studies in the Manuscript and its Implications.



    1. Obedience and Civil Disobedience in Religious Zionism: From Gush Emunim (1974) to the Price Tag Attacks (2013), (The Israel Democracy Institute: In Press). (Co-authored with Dr. Moshe Hellinger) [Hebrew - temporary title]



    1."A Theology of Protest and a Theology of Containment: The Holocaust in the Rabbinic Works of Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Vogelmann," Yad Vashem Studies. (forthcoming)

    2."Re-evaluating Kol HaTor," Daat. (forthcoming) [Hebrew]

    3."Jews and the Crusade against the AntichristIgnaz Maybaum’s Early Reflections on the Second World War," Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy. (forthcoming)


    5."The Holocaust Lamentation of Rabbi Shalom Moshe Halevi Ungar and its Range of Versions," Masoret Hapiyut (forthcoming). [Hebrew]

    6."U'mimidbar Matanah: The Holocaust Imprint on a Kabbalistic Treatise from Siberia's Praries," Daat 78 (2015), 93-105. [Hebrew]

    7."Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein and Nahmanides: Between Personal Admiration and an Intellectual Influence," Daat 76 (2014), 69-82. [Hebrew]

    8."Rabbi Yosef Hayyim’s Halakhically and Kabbalistically Based Approaches to Homosexuality: A Spatial–Traditional Study," Jewish Studies Quarterly 20, 3 (2013), 257-271.

    9."Em Habanim Semekha: From a Canonic Treatise to a Dialectic Compilation," Alei Sefer 22 (2012), 115-127. [Hebrew]

    10."Tinok sheNishbah and the non-Observant Jew's Status in Rabbi Shmuel Vozner's Rulings," Diné Israel 28 (2011), 223-250. [Hebrew]

    11."The Melody of the Sages: Does God Really Have a Voice?," Review of Rabbinic Judaism

    12."The Purpose of the Creation is the Man: The Woman's Status de facto and de jure in a Polemic on the Nature of Couple Treatments in Haredi Society," Gender in Israel, I'yunim Bitkumat Israel: Gender in Israel (2011), 623-637. [Hebrew]

    13."Geulat Yisrael by the Koznitzer Maggid: A Hasidic Ambivalent Attitude to Rabbi Loew of Prague ," Daat 68-69 (2010), 15-31. [Hebrew]

    14."Halakha as a Tool in Reshaping Orthodox Policies: The Freedom of Jurisprudence and the Responsibility of the Ruler in the Meditations of R. Yissakhar Shlomo Teikhtal," Diné Israel 26-27 (2009-2010), 67-88. [Hebrew]

    15."A Theurgical Commentary to Maimonides: Acquiring Conversion Certificates During the Holocaust in the Thoughts of Rabbi Yissachar Shlomo Teichtal," Daat 64-66 (2009), 323-342.[Hebrew]

    16."This Enormous Offense to the Torah": New Discoveries About the Controversy over the Escape of the Rabbis from Budapest, 1943-1944," Yad Vashem Studies 37, 1 (2009), 109-136.

    17."The Altar as God's House: A Study in Maimonides' Temple Perspectives," Jewish Studies Internet Journal (JSIJ) 8 (2009), 99-115. [Hebrew]


    18."Studies in the Transmission of the Oral Torah According to Maimonides' Introduction to the Mishneh Torah," Jewish Studies Internet Journal (JSIJ) 7 (2008), 105-125. [Hebrew]



    Chapters in Books

    1."Rabbi Yosef Hayyim Sonenfeld," in Benjamin Browm and Nissim Leon (eds.), Hagedolim (Jerusalem: Shazar Institute and The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, forthcoming). [Hebrew]

    2."Rabbi Hayyim Ozer Grodzinsky: an Archetype of a Twentieth Century 'Godol'," in Benjamin Browm and Nissim Leon (eds.), Hagedolim (Jerusalem: Shazar Institute and The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, forthcoming). [co-authored with Gershon Bacon; Hebrew]

    3."Ethics after the Holocaust: Jewish Responses," in Wolfgang Bialas and Lother Fritze (eds.), Nazi Ideology and Ethics (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014), 421-437.

    4."Social Justice and Egalitarian Propensities in the Redemption Doctrines of the Vilna Gaon's Disciples," in Equality and Inequality in Judaism, ed. Moshe Hellinger (Ramat-Gan: Bar-Ilan University Press, forthcoming). [Hebrew]

    5."Just War Theory and the Warsaw Uprising: Rabbinic Rulings Revised," in War and Morality in Light of the Jewish Political Tradition, ed. Moshe Hellinger (Ramat-Gan: Bar-Ilan University Press, forthcoming). [Hebrew]

    6."Reflections on the 'Tinok Shenishbah' Paradigm: Religious-Zionist Rabbis and the State of Israel," in Zionist Halakha, eds. Yedidia Z. Stern and Yair Sheleg (Jerusalem: Israel democracy Institute, forthcoming). [Hebrew]

    7."Ethik nach dem Holocaust. Jüdische Antworten," in  Wolfgang Bialas, Lothar Fritze (eds.), Ideologie und Moral im Nationalsozialismus (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2014), 399-416. [German; translation of no. 1]


    9."The Media Memory Agenda and the Struggle against Holocaust Deniers," in Contemporary History in the Digital Age, ed. Frédéric Clavert (Brussels: Peter Lang, 2013), 191-200. [co-authored with Dr. Tsuriel Rashi]

    10."Moral Considerations in Rabbinic Literature Regarding the Warsaw Uprising," in War and Peace in Jewish Tradition: From the Biblical World to the Present, eds. Amnon Shapira and Yigal Levin (Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2012), 165-185.

    11."Wide Electorates for Chief Rabbis at the Return to the Land of Israel (1893-1921): A Comparative Revision in the Thoughts of Rabbi Ya'akov Shaul Elyashar and Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook," in Rabbis and Rabbinate: The Challenge, vol. 1, eds. Yedidia Z. Stern and Shuki Friedman (Jerusalem: Israel Democracy Institute & Am Oved, 2011), 463-503. [Hebrew]

    12."Rabbinic Nazi Camp Survivors and the Call for a Religious Protection of Human Prerogatives," in Prisoners of War and Forced Labor: Histories of War and Occupation, ed. Marianne Neerland-Soleim (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010), 138-149.


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