New Books January 2017


New Books January 2017

Backman, Jussi, 1977- author

Complicated presence : Heidegger and the postmetaphysical unity of being / Jussi Backman. -- Albany : State University of New York Press, [2015]
xxxii, 342 pages ; 24 cm. ( SUNY series in contemporary continental philosophy ) ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents: Machine generated contents note: The Unity of Being at the End of Metaphysics -- Heidegger as a Postmetaphysical Thinker of Unity -- Being as Meaning and the History of Being: Methodological Considerations -- Outline of the Study -- 1. From the First Inception to the Other: Metaphysics and the Unity of Being -- The First Inception: The Unity of Being in Anaximander, Parmenides, and Heraclitus -- The First End of the First Inception: Plato and the One Over Many -- Ontotheology: Aristotle and the Analogical Unity of Being -- The End of Metaphysics and the Transition to the Other Inception -- 2. Being and Time: The Complicated Unity of Dasein -- On the Way to Being and Time: The Situation as a Singular Unity -- Ontothnetology: A New Exemplary Being -- Fundamental Ontology: From the Exemplary Being to Being and the Turn Back -- The Self as an Ecstatic Unity of Timeliness -- The Instant as the Ecstatic Clearing of Presence -- The Ecstatic-Horizonal Correlation of Dasein and World: Temporal Schematism -- From the Unity of the Horizonal Schemata to the Sense of Being: Complicated Presence -- Complicated Presence as Differential Unity: The Ontological Difference.
Contents: 3. The Turn and the Emergence of the Fourfold -- The Turn: Complicated Presence as the Reciprocity of Dasein and Being -- The Emergence of the Fourfold: Complicated Presence as Intimate Unity -- 4. Contributions to Philosophy: The Singular Simplicity of the Event -- Thinking in Reverse -- The Coordinates of the Transition -- The Unique Singularity of Beyng -- Beyng Is, Beings Are Not -- 5. Insight Into That Which Is: From the Uniform Presence of Technicity to the Complicated Presence of the Thing -- Thinking Being without Be
System number [002433860]

Chalmers, David John, 1966- author
Constructing the world / David J. Chalmers. -- Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.
xxvi, 494 pages ; 24 cm. ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references (pages 475-483) and index.
Contents: Scrutability and the Aufbau -- First excursus: Scrutability and knowability -- Second excursus: The inscrutability of reference and the scrutability of truth -- Varieties of scrutability -- Third excursus: Sentential and propositional scrutability -- Fourth excursus: Warrants and support structures -- Fifth excursus: Insulated idealization and the problem of self-doubt -- Adventure with a cosmoscope -- Sixth excursus: Totality truths and indexical truths -- The case for A priori scrutability -- Seventh excursus: Varieties of Apriority -- Eighth excursus: Recent challenges to the A priori -- Revisability and conceptual change -- Ninth excursus: Scrutability and conceptual dynamics -- Tenth excursus: Constructing epistemic space -- Eleventh excursus: constructing Fregean senses -- Hard cases -- Twelfth excursus: Scrutability and the unity of science -- Minimizing the base -- Thirteenth excursus: From the Aufbau to the Canberra Plan -- Fourteenth excursus: Epistemic rigidity and super-rigidity -- The structure of the world -- Summation: Whither the Aufbau? -- Fifteenth excursus: The structuralist response to skepticism -- Sixteenth excursus: Scrutability, supervenience, and grounding -- Seventeenth excursus: Explaining scrutability -- Glossary.
System number [002428783]

Helman, Cecil, 1944-2009.
Culture, health, and illness / Cecil G. Helman. -- London : New York, NY : Hodder Arnold ; Distributed in the United States of America by Oxford University Press, c2007.
viii, 501 p. : ill., col. maps ; 27 cm. ( ch )
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Contents: 1. Introduction : the scope of medical anthropology -- 2. The body : cultural definitions of anatomy and physiology -- 3. Diet and nutrition -- 4. Caring and curing : the sectors of health care -- 5. Doctor-patient interactions -- 6. Gender and reproduction -- 7. Pain and culture -- 8. Culture and pharmacology : drugs, alcohol and tobacco -- 9. Ritual and the management of misfortune -- 10. Cross-cultural psychiatry -- 11. Cultural aspects of stress and suffering -- 12. Migration, globalization and health -- 13. Telemedicine and the Internet -- 14. New bodies, new selves : genetics and biotechnology -- 15. Cultural factors in epidemiology -- 16. The AIDS pandemic -- 17. Tropical diseases : malaria and leprosy -- 18. Medical anthropology and global health -- 19. New research methods in medical anthropology -- Appendix. Journals and Websites.
This new edition meets the ever-growing need for a clear starting point in understanding the clinical significance of cultural and social factors. The book addresses the complex interactions between health, illness and culture by setting out anthropological theory in a highly, readable jargon-free style.
System number [001228990]

Dying in the twenty-first century : toward a new ethical framework for the art of dying well / edited by Lydia S. Dugdale, MD. -- Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2015]
xii, 205 pages ; 24 cm. ( Basic bioethics )
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents: Dying, a lost art / Lydia S. Dugdale -- Finitude / Jeffrey P. Bishop -- Pluralism and the "good" death / Stephen R. Latham -- Hospice and palliative medicine's attempt at an art of dying / Farr A. Curlin -- Ritual and practice / M. Therese Lysaught -- Spiritual preparation / Michelle Harrington and Daniel P. Sulmasy -- The role of community / Autumn Alcot Ridenour and Lisa Sowle Cahill -- Children / John Lantos -- The elderly and dementia / Daniel Callahan -- AIDS, the modern plague / Peter A. Selwyn -- Conclusion : toward a new ethical framework for the art of dying well / Lydia S. Dugdale.
System number [002431964]
Episteme, etc. : essays in honour of Jonathan Barnes / edited by Ben Morison and Katerina Ierodiakonou. -- Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2011.
x, 360 pages ; 24 cm. ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references (pages 331-345) and index.
Contents: Introduction -- Knowledge. Episteme / M.F. Burnyeat -- Avant nous le deluge: Aristotle's notion of intellectual grasp / R.J. Hankinson -- The notion of enargeia in hellenistic philosophy / Katerina Ierodiakonou -- Ancient scepticism and ancient religion / Julia Annas -- Concepts and inquiry: Sextus and the Epicureans / Gail Fine -- An anti-Aristotelian point of method in three rationalist doctors / Michael Frede -- Logic and metaphysics. A note on the ontology of Aristotle's 'Categories', ch. 2 / Gisela Striker -- Some remarks on substance and essence in Metaphysics Z. 6 / David Charles -- What was Aristotle's concept of logical form? / Benjamin Morison -- If it's clear, then it's clear that it's clear, or is it? higher-order-vagueness and the S4 Axiom / Susanne Bobzien -- Ramsey on truth and meaning / Ian Rumfitt -- Ethics and politics. Justice and just action in the republic / Stephen Everson -- Practical truth in Aristotle / Anthony Kenny -- Democratic Aristotle and the democratization of politics / Malcolm Schofield -- Stoic reservation in wants and expectations / Richard Sorabji -- The politics of virtue: three puzzles in 'De Officiis' / Miriam Griffin -- Bibliography of Jonathan Barnes's writings / Maddalena Bonelli.
System number [002433868]

Yeomans, Christopher author
The expansion of autonomy : Hegel's pluralistic philosophy of action / Christopher Yeomans. -- London : Oxford University Press, [2015]
xi, 228 pages ; 25 cm. ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references (pages 223-226) and index.
System number [002433857]

Friedlander, Eli author
Expressions of judgment : an essay on Kant's aesthetics / Eli Friedlander. -- Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, [2015]
xii, 117 pages ; 25 cm. ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents: The analytic of the beautiful -- The analytic of the sublime -- Nature and art -- Extremes of judgment.
System number [002433866]

Martin, Mike W., 1946- author
From morality to mental health : virtue and vice in a therapeutic culture / Mike W. Martin. -- Oxford : Oxford University, [2006]
xii, 234 pages ; 25 cm. ( Practical and professional ethics series ) ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references (pages 195-228) and index.
Contents: The therapeutic trend -- I: Mental health and moral virtue -- Moral sickness: Plato and the psychiatrists -- Moral health: well-being and the virtues -- Sick, morality: Freud, Nietzsche, and guilt -- II: Responsibility for health -- Responsibility in therapy -- Responsibility in community -- Blaming victims -- III: Wrongdoing as sickness -- Alcoholism -- Pathological gambling -- Crime and punishment -- Violence and evil -- Are bigot's sick? -- IV: Healthy morality and meaningful lives -- Depression and identity -- Self-deception and hope -- Philosophical counseling -- Healthy love -- Meaningful work -- Community service -- Culture wars.
System number [002435011]

Wolfe, Judith (Judith E.) author
Heidegger's eschatology : theological horizons in Martin Heidegger's early work / Judith Wolfe. -- Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.
xi, 181 pages ; 22 cm. ( Oxford theology and religion monographs ) ( rz )
Revision of author's thesis (D. Phil.)--University of Oxford, 2010 under title: Heidegger's secular eschatology : eschatological thought in Martin Heidegger's early work, 1909-1929 and beyond.
Includes bibliographical references (pages [163]-177) and index.
Contents: Heidegger's religious provenance : Kulturkampf and the modernist crisis -- The developing critique of 'scholasticism,' 1911-15 -- Eschatological affliction as the centre of a phenomenology of religion, 1916-21 -- From theology to philosophy I : the problem of sin -- From theology to philosophy II : Heidegger and dialectical theology -- Death and authenticity -- Conclusion: Theological responses.
System number [002433854]

Biggar, Nigel author.
In defence of war / by Nigel Biggar. -- Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2013.
x, 361 pages ; 24 cm. ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references (pages 335-350) and index.
Contents: Introduction: Against the virus of wishful thinking -- Against Christian pacifism -- Love in war -- The principle of double effect : can it survive combat? -- Proportionality : lessons from the Somme and the First World War -- Against legal positivism and liberal individualism -- On not always giving the Devil benefit of law : legality, morality, and Kosovo -- Constructing judgement : the case of Iraq -- Conclusion.
System number [002432177]

Jewish philosophy past and present : contemporary responses to classical sources / edited by Daniel Frank and Aaron Segal. -- New York : Routledge, 2017.
xiv, 317 pages ; 23 cm cm. ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references (pages 300-309) and index.
Contents: Part I. Language and interpretation. Religious language -- The interpretation of Scripture -- Jewish philosophy and its history -- -- Part II. Epistemology and metaphysics. Belief, knowledge, and theism -- Idolatry -- Human ontology and personal immortality -- -- Part III. Philosophical theology. Divine justice -- Chosenness -- Redemption and Messianism -- -- Part IV. Practical philosophy. Ritual and rationality -- Repentance and forgiveness -- Religious pluralism and toleration.
System number [002434134]

Westling, Louise Hutchings author
The logos of the living world : Merleau-Ponty, animals, and language / Louise Westling. -- New York : Fordham University Press, [2014]
xiv, 187 pages ; 24 cm. ( Groundworks: ecological issues in philosophy and theology ) ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references (pages 167-180) and index.
Contents: Philosophy of life -- Animal kin -- Language is everywhere.
System number [002433849]

Foust, Mathew A author
Loyalty to loyalty : Josiah Royce and the genuine moral life / Mathew A. Foust. -- New York : Fordham University Press, [2012]
xii, 212 pages ; 24 cm. ( American philosophy (series) ) ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references (p. 203-208) and index.
Contents: Introduction : the treachery and ambivalence of loyalty -- Loyalty, justice, virtue : contemporary debates -- The nature of loyalty -- Loyalty to loyalty -- Learning loyalty -- Loyalty and community -- Disloyalty -- Loyalty, disaster, business : contemporary applications -- Conclusion : the need for loyalty.
System number [002432145]

One century of Karl Jaspers' General psychopathology / edited by Giovanni Stanghellini and Thomas Fuchs. -- Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2013.
xxxix, 304 pages : portrait ; 24 cm. ( International perspectives in philosophy and psychiatry ) ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents: Introduction : the relevance of Karl Jaspers' "General Psychopathology" to current psychiatric debate / Mario Maj -- Introduction : particular psychopathologies- lessons from Karl Jaspers' "General Psychopathology" for the new philosophy of psychiatry / K.W.M. (Bill) Fulford -- Part I. Historical and cultural background -- ch. 1. Jaspers in time / Federic Leoni -- ch. 2. Phenomenology and psychopathology : in search of a method / Osborne P. Wiggins and Michael Alan schwartz -- ch. 3. Jasper's 'critique of socialanalysis' : between past a future / Mario Rossi Monti -- ch. 4. Impact of Karl Jaspers' "General Psychopathology" : the range of appraisal / Christoph Mundt -- Part II. Methodological issues and concepts -- ch. 5. Karl Jaspers' "General Psychopathology" in the framework of clinical practice / Otto Doerr-Zegers and Hector Pelegrina-Cetran -- h. 6. Form and content in Jaspers' psychopathology / Chris Walker --
Contents: ch. 7. Jaspers, phenomenology, and the 'ontological difference' / Louis A. Sass -- ch. 8. Jaspers on explaining and understanding in psychiatry / Christoph Hoerl -- ch. 9. Jaspers and neuroscience / Matthew R. Broome -- ch. 10. Karl Jaspers the pathographer / matthias Bormuth -- ch. 11. Karl Jaspers' existential concept of psychotherapy / Jann E. Schlimme -- ch. 12. The ethics of incomprehensibility / Giovanni Stanghellini -- Part III. Clinical concepts -- ch. 13. Karl Jaspers' hierarchical principle and current psychiatric classification / Henning Sass and Umberto Volpe -- ch. 14. On psychosis : Karl Jaspers and beyond / Josef Parnas -- ch. 15. Delusional atmosphe
System number [002433843]

Hiley, David R author
Philosophy in question : essays on a Pyrrhonian theme / David R. Hiley. -- Chicago : University of Chicago Press, [1988]
ix, 207 pages ; 24 cm. ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Contents: The deep challenge of Pyrrhonian skepticism -- Progress against ignorance -- Intellect and culture -- Knowledge and power -- Relativism, dogmatism, and rationality -- Edification and the end of philosophy.
System number [002435010]

Sagi, Abraham author
Prayer after the death of God : a phenomenological study of Hebrew literature / Avi Sagi ; translated by Batya Stein. -- Boston : Academic Studies Press, [2016]
xiv, 193 pages ; 25 cm. ( Emunot: Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah ) ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references (pages 175-187) and index.
Contents: Introduction -- Chapter 1: Prayer and Hebrew Literature -- Chapter 2: zThe Death of Gody and the Possibility of Prayer -- Chapter 3: Prayer as a Primary Datum -- Chapter 4: Between Self-Reflection and Ontological Event -- Chapter 5: Grappling with the Addressee Problem -- Chapter 6: Reconstructing the zDeath of Gody Moment -- Chapter 7: Humans as Praying Beings: A Phenomenological Profile.
Translated from the Hebrew.
System number [002431703]

Rawls's political liberalism / edited by Thom Brooks and Martha C. Nussbaum. -- New York : Columbia University Press, [2015]
viii, 206 pages ; 24 cm. ( Columbia themes in philosophy ) ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents: Changing constructions / Onora O'Neill -- Legitimacy and the project of political liberalism / Paul Weithman -- Isolating public reasons / Jeremy Waldron -- The capabilities approach and political liberalism / Thom Brooks -- The priority of liberty : Rawls and "tiers of scrutiny" / Frank I. Michelman.
System number [002433851]

James, David, 1966- author
Rousseau and German idealism : freedom, dependence and necessity / David James, University of Warwick. -- Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
xi, 233 pages ; 24 cm. ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references and index.
System number [002433853]

Searle, John R author
Seeing things as they are : a theory of perception / John R. Searle. -- Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2015]
xi, 240 pages, [4] pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 22 cm. ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Contents: The bad argument : one of the biggest mistakes in philosophy in the past several centuries -- The intentionality of perceptual experiences -- Further developments of the argument against the bad argument -- How perceptual intentionality works, part one : basic features, causation, and intentional content -- How perceptual intentionality works, part two : extending the analysis to non-basic features -- Disjunctivism -- Unconscious perception -- Classical theories of perception skepticism and the classical theories of perception.
System number [002433867]

Nowell Smith, David author
Sounding/silence : Martin Heidegger at the limits of poetics / David Nowell Smith. -- New York : Fordham University Press, [2013]
xiv, 239 pages ; 24 cm. ( Perspectives in continental philosophy ) ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references (pages 223-232) and index.
Contents: Introduction: The limits of poetics -- For the first time -- The naming power of the word -- Heidegger's figures -- Reading Heidegger reading -- Conclusion: A poetics of limit?
System number [002433864]

Danto, Arthur Coleman, 1924-2013 author
What art is / Arthur C. Danto. -- New Haven : Yale University Press, [2013]
xii, 174 pages ; 21 cm. ( rz )
Includes bibliographical references (pages 157-159) and index.
Contents: Wakeful dreams -- Restoration and meaning -- The body in philosophy and art -- The end of the contest: the paragone between painting and photography -- Kant and the work of art -- The future of aesthetics.
"What is it to be a work of art? Renowned author and critic Arthur C. Danto addresses this fundamental, complex question. Part philosophical monograph and part memoiristic meditation, What Art Is challenges the popular interpretation that art is an indefinable concept, instead bringing to light the properties that constitute universal meaning. Danto argues that despite varied approaches, a work of art is always defined by two essential criteria: meaning and embodiment, as well as one additional criterion contributed by the viewer: interpretation. Danto crafts his argument in an accessible manner that engages with both philosophy and art across genres and eras, beginning with Plato's definition of art in The Republic, and continuing through the progress of art as a series of discoveries, including such innovations as perspective, chiaroscuro, and physiognomy. Danto concludes with a fascinating discussion of Andy Warhol's famous shipping cartons, which are visually indistinguishable from the everyday objects they represent. Throughout, Danto considers the contributions of philosophers including Descartes, Kant, and Hegel, and artists from Michelangelo and Poussin to Duchamp and Warhol, in this far-reaching examination of the interconnectivity and universality of aesthetic production."--Publisher's website.
System number [002434027]